Shuho’s WORLD







Considering that the original purpose of calligraphy is to transmit thoughts and language, Shuho believes that characters must be beautiful, but at the same time easy to read. This is because calligraphy that is not based on correct fundamentals cannot transmit something to people correctly. Shuho’s world view on calligraphy that is the base of these fundamentals is also applicable to other forms of art, such as architecture, dance and music.
There is a famous saying in Japanese, yuugen no bi, which translates into “beauty is subtle and profound”. It is a world view that can be expressed by the shades of the ink black. More than something expressed in color, this is above all a deep world that is left in the hands of people’s sensitivity.
Shuho’s calligraphy has been developed through a world view full of grace that incorporates years of discipline with the subtle and profound beauty of the ink black.